Overseas golf events in Portugal

Trick shot showimg_5154-reduced.JPGIn early October I was zipping back and forth to the Algarve to run some really exciting programmes for two clients…golf of course with some spa activities.

I have grown to get used to flights and always tremble at the thought though of travelling on the plane with the client! I usually carefully orchestrate going on my own but, the Marketing Director of Venture Finance was keen to fly out on the same plane!! Thankfully I was fine though conversation was not existent on my side.

With event management, especially overseas events, it’s all down to detail, detail and careful planning prior to getting over there. However, it is always the client’s prerogative to change things…and both events seemed to alter in many ways. We had change of names, change of flights, therefore transfers, alteration of spa treatments, dietary requirements to name just a few. The one change that was out of our control was the weather on the first day for the first group. Thunder and lightning is not conducive to a round of golf! Miraculously, though the weather improved as the guests arrived though no buggies were allowed on the course. Drat. The club promised trolleys and mistakenly started selling the ones off they had allocated to us. So walking around with a big set of clubs was not an option I was going to accept from the club. With some persuasion they eventually buckled at the last moment and agreed to buggies. Well, that was probably the busiest time of the trip.

Having played two rounds of golf at Salgados and Quinta do Lago, the ladies enjoying the fabulous spa at the hotel and a delightful gala dinner, it was back home. I am so pleased Venture are extending their trip to two nights as I ultimately feel it will be more relaxing for the guests and more flexibility in the programme. I arrived home and took me two days to recuperate.

The second trip was with KBC Business Capital. Luckily the client chose to have the 27 holes of golf, gala dinner etc in one complex and over two nights. In terms of management for us, it was like chalk and cheese compared to the week before. So much easier this one and the client could feel it too, hence they want the same place for next year, Vila Sol. Thank you to Vila Sol, Andre for working with me and making sure the event went smoothly. I thought the food was exceptional. Also to Geoff Swain our trick shot guy. I saw Geoff at the South African Charity golf day and thought he was magnificent and very funny. He HAD to be in our programme. He fitted in perfectly to this trip and was the icing on the cake. I could highly recommend Geoff to anyone who wants a light hearted show with group participation and banter.

I hope the pictures taken were good reminders for both groups. Thank you to Venture Finance and KBC Business Capital. Team Tactics have been working with each of you for many years and really appreciate your business but also the great relationship we have developed. It’s a real delight when you have a client who trusts you and will run with some of our ideas because they know we won’t let them down…and we won’t.

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