Sneak preview of Tutankhamun exhibition

I suppose being in the event management business as long as I have, new events have to be really exciting for me to get off my office chair and go along to a preview. However, last Monday, Hellen and I made our way up to the o2 (and how easy was that? …dead easy) to have a sneak preview of the Tutankhamun exhibition. Well….Hellen and I were possibly the last out of the exhibition. It was truly fantastic and I get really animated talking to prospective clients about it. Yes I know I have my favourites, Henley Festival, Buckingham Palace….and now this. So if anyone is interested, please call me as it’s brilliant. We have some shared nights so you don’t have to take the min 50 guests over the next few months, you can still entertain a small group of say 10 persons. 01227 738280 if you don’t have the number to hand!

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