Corporate Events for 2008

Second day back from Xmas and the New Year celebrations and it feels good to be back. Although the office is quiet in terms of phone calls, it gives me time to remember whatever I was doing just before the festivities and to plan! Let’s hope we have great weather for 2008, so entertaining at Henley Regatta (for example) will not be hampered by the rain and clients get ‘in the mood’ early for this year’s entertaining season.
My aspirations this year are to get closer to our existing clients and really understand their needs in terms of entertainment, team events and corporate days out. We are fortunate in that over 70% of existing clients return year on year. One area, however, that we have never really looked at is referrals. So watch out any clients who are reading this!
Also with the advent of this new, updated website we do welcome as many news clients as possible and we hope you will find us to be friendly, honest and professional.
We look forward to a fun and rewarding 2008.
Tina Benson

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