On Wednesday 13th February, I left the office to head into Canterbury to manage one of our ‘Drum up the Fun’ workshops for Pfizer. It’s so rare to have an event on our doorstep but for it to be an event with such high energy from start to finish was a genuine plus.


On arrival at the Abode Hotel, Canterbury we were straight into the event. Firstly, our co-ordinators Lisa and Joe took the managers of Pfizer’s 50 strong team away and taught them a basic ‘entrance beat’ for the arrival of the rest of the team, who were unknowingly finishing lunch in the room next door. As the delegates entered to see their managers in rhythmic unison this set the tone for the afternoon – comforts zones were left at the door.

After Lisa and Joe had’ rhythmically aligned’ the group through a series of exercises with their handmade drums from Bali, Pfizer’s scientists and technicians were taken through a session of collective drumming routines. Before long the room was literally alive with the unity of beats and rhythms. This unity and collective effort allowed Pfizer to express some of their aims for their company away day and successfully bond a team who rarely get the opportunity to actually ‘work together’.

After a rip-roaring finale performance, Pfizer concluded their day and gave themselves a ‘drum of applause’ to mark a brilliant event.

Rory McKeating