On 18 February, one of our clients arrived in Henley on Thames to take part in our School of Rock Experience. The White Lotus Nightclub is a superb venue for this event with no noise restrictions and lots of space but we can of course hold this event anywhere in the UK.

This unique activity is run with 4 areas of skill – 2 types of electric guitar, drums & vocals – and after a full briefing the participants are split randomly into 4 groups and each person takes a turn on each of the 4 areas. The instructors judge each person on their capabilities and then each participant is put into one of 2 bands (more bands will be created depending on numbers). Some attendees were obviously stronger on vocals than drums for example and others really wanted to play the drums and so these factors are also taken into consideration in the selection process.

The newly recruited band members’ have to try and learn a set piece to a rock song which really got the groups concentrating and working together.
After approx 45 mins, band members have the opportunity to dress up before they go to dress rehearsal which was absolutely hilarious and our client did not disappoint in the final performances. I am certain that a couple of guests had been harbouring secret desires of becoming a rock star for some time!!!
What a super group and their feedback from the event showed that it had been exactly what they were looking for:

“the teams are still talking about it and everyone back in the office is very jealous of our fun activity. It is incredibly helpful that you are so flexible with the activities and can tailor them to the timings and needs of the group”

Have a look if you are interested in running this fun team activity:



Hellen Kelly – Events Director