Cheltenham Races – go away wind!

When we heard on Monday morning that the whole of Keith Prowse facility had blown away at Cheltenham racecourse for the 2008 National Hunt Festival, we thought the worst of the wind has passed Cheltenham. Not that we wanted to gloat on their inferior structure at all!!

On the first day, Tuesday, our clients had a cracking day. Hellen (Events Director) was on a real high when I spoke to her around 6ish. She said her feet didn’t touch the ground! She mentioned that the wind had picked up….

Wednesday morning ….I turn on my computer and the phones are already ringing. Cheltenham has been cancelled today..WHAT??? this does just doesn’t happen. I have been on a low point today as I do feel bad for many of the clients who have booked this as a highlight to their year. Some people have travelled from the Far East for this event. What a let down.

I know its nothing we can do about it, but the weather seems to be causing a few problems. Remember last year and Henley Regatta? There was huge floods and the river had burst its banks. Luckily all okay.

So we always try to learn something from what happens from almost freak events and I will ensure that we highlight the fact that a Force Majeure is not covered by Team Tactics and that companies must seek their own insurance for this.

Thats not to say we won’t for today as client retention and long term relationship is key. Just depends how much we may lose out I suppose!

As Old Bob Dylan said ‘Something’s Blowing in the Wind’

Finally Cheltenham is one of the best sporting events for client entertaining in the calendar. If you have missed the boat on this year’s Cheltenham, please do take a look at what we have to offer for other horseracing fixtures.

Tina Benson

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