I have so many CV’s land on my desk or in my inbox, where people are looking to get into the events industry. I gather there are many degrees courses (not in my day!) on event management, tourism and the leisure industry.

Although it is a great fun industry to be in, (e.g who could not enjoy be part of these days…..
Thats a Knockout…what a cracker!
The Haka….lots of testosterone pumping!
…the work of an event manager is really quite tough!! Really!!

    Receiving the event confirmation from sales

Yes, especially if it comes from me! My files are not always the neatest though I know exactly where I am with it! However Hellen has worked here for 7 years and is used to it. Good girl! On a more serious note, there is detail, detail, detail to prepare. Invoices to go out, suppliers to contact, client requirements…are they are fully covered, any special requests, has the client got directions, full event information. Phew!! The list is endless.
Now this sounds all straightforward. However, just as an example Hellen was working on about 60 events with the Sho Event Company the year before I hired her. That is way more than 1 event per month, with all the planning and coordinating that takes, she had to stay on top of hundreds of other people’s work and schedules. She is doing even more now with me.

Then there is the event itself. Undoubtedly the client would have changed things quite a bit before the event, which is their perogative and that’s what we are here for. We try and take the load away from the client to:

1. Enjoy the day
2. Be with his/her clients or staff
3. Reduce his/her workload

Get there early. This may mean setting off at 5am in the morning to lay out placecards, check everything is in place etc. Then its action stations for whatever the event will be. It may be an evening eventsuch as our International Wine Challenge (never fails this one). So travelling back at midnight is often inevitable.
It could also be a staff team building day such as Ocean RIB Treasure Hunt. Our event manager must be there at 08.30pm and will probably leave at 7pm.
So you can see the hours will vary and any event manager will need to be flexible.
Saying all the above, there is no greater feeling than having a group of very happy clients (see our testimonials). Everyone here at Team Tactics gets that BUZZ of having been a part of something good. That makes it all worth our while.
So….if you like what you hear, keep plugging away. Telephone calls are always better, followed by a CV. Best of luck!

Tina Benson