Corporate music & rhythmic team building

I am delighted to say, Team Tactics ran a well received Global Music Experience last week for a large telecommunications company.

Each area or zone we provided represented a region of the globe. New creative challenges & skills needed be mastered before regrouping for the finale performance.

The teams experiencing three different types of rythmic team building activities in each zone, …..The Haka (Maori War tribal dance), Junk Funk (using ladders, bins, boxes and other ‘junk’!) plus the ever popular range of Drums

It might all look like rubbish and random objects, but by the end of this workshop participants can’t believe how great it all sounds. Using familiar house hold items & some useless rubbish, your team will rehearse and perform a multi tasked routine with the help of our Junk Funk professional performers.

The results never fail to amaze… a mop and bucket may never quite look the same again!

For this part of the event, everyone is on their feet, warrior faces at the ready…some faces painted all committed to this powerful and moving ritual.

Feel and see a new side to your people. This tribal event led by our passionate New Zealand instructors, is a fantastic addition.

The whole afternoon and evening was held for two reasons. Firstly, two offices were combining into one. However, secondly, due to a few redundancies, the company wanted to ‘lift’ the rest of the workforce, to demonstrate that those that were still with the company were valued and that their careers were both safe and secure. What better way to do this and inspire the group with lots of fun by providing this creative platform for individual expression ….Global Music Experience.

Global Music Experience is a high energy event. Our rhythm activities provide;

– inspired energy
– big entertainment
– sense of team achievement
– new company unity

Client comment
‘I have to say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day. The event brought people together and will be talked about for some time to come. The Team Tactics staff on the day were friendly, helpful and organised. I am more than satisfied’

Tina Benson
Team Tactics
01227 738280

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