Just an update on my blog earlier (posted March 26th) re. a 3 day event in London with a Gala Dinner for some overseas clients.

We (actually Hellen and Laura now!) are delighted to be working with a Polish events company, Zebra Events on behalf of their client, Avon Cosmetics. The programme really does look fabulous. The first evening starts with dinner at the world renowned Galvin at Windows. The next day there will be a tour of London with Avon decals along the side, stop over at the London Eye and lunch at a typical English pub. The event with culminate in a show-stopping Gala Dinner with the Bootleg Beatles, amazing lighting and coloured linen, covered chairs with bows…and some stunning flower displays. We hope the client will chose a harpist, some living statues and a look-a-like.

Talking of look-a-likes, did anyone see The Apprentice last night? I thought David Beckham was a perfect choice, shame so many of the candidates wanted to stab each other in the back. Almost wanted to turn the TV off!

Anyway we hope to show you some stunning pictures of the evening soon.

Tina Benson
Team Tactics
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