Golf at European Open to be held in UK!

Great news for golf lovers…the European Open which has been traditionally held at the K Club, Ireland is, for 2008, being held at the London Golf Club, Kent. The event has been staged at the K Club in Kildare for every year since 1995. Shame for the Irish, but great for the Brits. The reason behind this is because The European Open has lost its sponsor.

I know the London Golf Club well as I played there a year or so ago and, surprisingly played good golfer…okay ….for me!! Also its rare for a major event to be held in our county KENT!!

The London Golf Club boasts superb facilities and the course is in fantastic condition.

However, to participate in some golf yourself at an Open Championship golf course, do have a look at our golf event Team Tactics is running at Turnberry (venue for the Open Championships 2009) – should be a fabulous event and am looking forward to joining in the fun too.

Another point to mention quickly is that when Hellen and I were on a site visit in the Algarve, Portugal, both of us sat down and said to each other…’why were we not promoting the fact we know Portugal, we run golf days, sailing days, spa etc’ …and we are not promoting something we know so well? So watch this space!

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