Whilst sitting in the office at 6.15pm listening to our computer engineers talk over the phone to BT, my heart has literally sank to rock bottom. We haven’t had internet connection for two working days and we live off email and internet. However, this isn’t all of our problems. They started in March 07, yes that’s right over 1 year ago. When we built our new offices BT told us 6 weeks prior to moving lock, stock and barrel that they couldn’t provide us with phone lines.

You are reading this absolutely correctly. No they couldn’t give us phone lines. So in desperation we used one line that came from another building and split it between 5 phones, 4 PC’s with email and internet, 1 fax….through something called VOIP. However at that time, by which time I had aged 10 years, VOIP kept on falling over, which resulted in our clients being cut on in mid flow and not being able to communicate to the outside world.

So in desperation measures, we had a call centre answer our calls for 10 months and they could patch us through using only one line at a time. How we survived I don’t know but we had a cracking year. No thanks to BT. We were put up to High Level complaints and a guy called Steve Fisk has been holding our hand ever since.

We have had BT phones installed on the 18th February and it was truly amazing to have incoming calls after so long! However we are still using VOIP for internet and email. Trying to move this across to our correct line should be easy but it seems not and when we tried last week, it seems to have opened up a whole can of worms.

Anyway, had enough today and still not sorted so logging out and giving up.

From a miserable, unhappy bunny!