Event Management – what’s on my desk this week?

Firstly, having no internet/email is a NIGHTMARE and we have had none for 2 days which is causing serious problems. Phil our engineer is currently working on getting our Router reconfigured (it sounds like I know what I am talking about) and when he does, the poor guy is going to get a huge hug from me. I might refrain from a kiss as his hair may get in the way!! Go for it ADM!!
So what’s on my desk this week?

Sailing Cowes
Trying to source a Beneteau 47.3 for one of our regular clients. Got an excellent boat and just awaiting confirmation.

Xmas party for 200 guests with a difference!
We have suggested a wonderful River Thames Boat called the Silver Sturgeon that has just undergone a multi-million pound revamp and theming the event a Latin American Carnival/ street party. I love the proposal I have sent last week and have got very excited about this projected December party. Fingers crossed they can go with the dates now left. We have incorporated drag queens, salsa dancing, cigar rolling, live cabaret performers, rum tasting, Rio de Janeiro style carnival procession and capoeira dancers. Can I come??!!

House of Commons client drinks party
We are working with a top legal law firm to organise a fabulous drinks reception on the Terrace at the Houses of Parliament in September. We need to dress the marquee on the Terrace and will get some flower companies and lighting companies to come up with some contemporary ideas for the area. Progressing nicely though my contact is abroad currently.

Henley Regatta
I have dealt with a number of enquiries for hospitality at Henley Regatta. Not blowing our own trumpets. much, but I do feel our two facilities are very smart. We offer one very contemporary enclosure called The River Lounge and another more traditional facility called Fawley Meadows. You know, having a moan here, there are some very pushy sales people, one of which works for the biggest events company in the market. They must be getting desperate for business looking at the way they treated one of our new clients. Here ïs what happened. ..We had the Marriott Group book 30 places with us and this big events company called them and was trying to say that Team Tactics were not official blah blah and to book with them. Luckily our client had already had a referral from someone else within The Marriott and told them very politely no thank you!!

Polish Farmers over to the UK
Unfortunately, sometimes you put in all the effort and turn it around very quickly and they don�t always happen. We had a Polish events company call us which was a referral. Their client Syngenta (farmers) wanted a 5 day event, two days in London, sightseeing, gala dinner, trips around the farms, then three days in London, with sightseeing, London Eye, medieval banquet etc. I worked on this for a couple of days last week and unfortunately heard today that she believed her client had already booked the event but was just comparing the price. Anyway, its interesting as we seem to be doing more work with Polish event management companies and I know Hellen is meeting one in London this week.

Tower of London Music Festival
We are still getting absolutely loads of enquiries for the Tower of London Music Festival and can’t do anything about it as the main organisers haven’t released any information as yet. In fact they were very cross we had put the date on our website sorry Harvey Goldsmith. I am honestly not sure if there will be an event in London this year but will await with baited breath.

Corporate trip to Paris with wine tasting
We have selected a fabulous top of the range 5 Star hotel for our clients who have wanted a VIP trip to Paris. We have also included our Wine Tasting event to make more of the day. I have been instructed today to email the booking form for September 11th. Yes when our internet is up I jest!! (Phil, come on get the internet up PLEASE!!) Team Tactics provides a range of events to France including the best of the best, The Champagne trip around Epernay.

6.00pm and now receiving emails but can’t send any out! Progress at least!

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