Being on the receiving end of events

The bank holiday is now over and our sales team have had a very busy day today. We have noticed a slow down over the past couple of weeks and almost got into panic mode with everybody talking about the economic slow down in the press. Well it’s not all bad and there are still plenty of people out there looking to entertain their staff and clients.

Over the weekend I enjoyed being a guest at a magnificent family ‘do’. On arriving at the reception castle in Holland, we were greeted by stilt entertainers, doing a piece to music. It was absolutely stunning and something very different. Everybody parked their cars and walked across to watch them perform to the other car arrivals.

Over lunch they then came in different costume to do a small performance during the serving interval. The children were enchanted and bewitched as too were the adults. I would highly recommend this sort of act to instantly give an event an edge.
Sometimes it really helps being on the receiving end of entertaining!!

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