Keeping staff spirits high…with the credit crunch

Sadly we are seeing the credit crunch hit many industries, companies are cutting back and everyone is very nervous about the future. Certainly the US Government has boosted their economy with the support of the mortgage market.
It is tough out there but those staff who are left do need to feel that they are valued and that’s where some good value staff events can truly help. Just get out of the office in another slightly different environment doing some fun activities is enough to perk anyone up! I love the Thames Power Blast myself! Really blows the cobwebs away!

Put yourself in your staff shoes
Looking at it from the staff perspective….if lots of their colleagues have had to leave as a result of tightening market conditions, morale is going to be poor and how does that affect the overall companies performance? Not great I would imagine. I know of so many people in London who struggle to go to work as the atmosphere is down and out. This must undoubtedly affect their morale and their ability to do the best they can, day in day out. Productivity no matter what the market conditions will be affected.
This is where Team Tactics can truly help. We can take your staff out for a half days or full day’s staff away day that won’t bust the budget and can guarantee staff will come back de-stressed, regenerated and fired up which is what every company wants. Isn’t it!!??
Every one of our events are truly great fun and I think right now, management should be looking at giving some feel-good tonic to those staff who are still working hard and perhaps may need some boosting?

However the good news is that some clients have indeed made redundancies, but have immediately followed by organising some staff events to boost morale. The feedback we have had on these particularly corporate events has been fantastic. Almost like a total regeneration as a result of the thank-you day to staff and ‘we value you’.

So there you have it. We’d love to hear from you. Lots of great events from £95 with food and drink all included. Not back for a staff booster surely??!

Tina Benson
Team Tactics
01227 738280

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