Eurostar fire!

Eurostar trains halted by Fire
Hellen should really be making this entry as this was her event last week. But having crawled back to her home from having 8 hours sleep over 48 hours, then setting off on her holiday this week, I reckoned her memory of the Eurostar trip to Paris Wine Tasting event would be in the dim and distant past!

People who aspire to becoming event managers may think again to hear Hellen’s schedule over a two day period….

09.00 in the office finalising the House of Commons event with Roger Gale MP and our client
6.30 House of Commons event begins
11.00 Hellen leaves House of Commons

05.00 Wake up for early train from St Pancres to Paris. Must always be there before client
08.00 Train to Paris with 28 clients on a VIP day to George V hotel and our fantastic Wine Challenge event that I know of no better!
5.00 Hellen now knows that there is a fire on Eurostar. This last happened in 1996! How on earth are they going to get back

02.30 After booking all the clients on various flights back, Hellen then crawls into bed
07.00 Sees all clients depart on their flight. Hellen and Phil (our wine guy extraordinare) work out that they can get a train to Calais and then get a ferry to Dover
4.00 P & O Ferry crossing back to Dover
6.00 Collection by Taxi back home

Wow! The client’s clients (yes you haven’t read wrong) had a great time overnight in Paris and I gather some only had 1-2 hours sleep! We have some huge bills on our credit cards so glad they are not Lehman Brothers!

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