Lizzie cranks up the heating for our Corporate Evening at Buckingham Palace

As my days at Team Tactics come to a close, these last 10 days probably stand out as the most hectic. On Thursday 11th September, I was stood outside the Ambassadors gate of Buckingham Palace running through final notes for the evening when my phone rang. It was Hellen, who’s event wasn’t going quite as planned to put it mildly (Eurostar Fire) so I almost felt relieved to only have 30 guests to look after for one of our Corporate Evening’s at Buckingham Palace.. Fortunately, my event went extremely well, although during the Champagne reception at Mosimann’s in Belgravia, there were a few rumblings of it been a little chilly within the palace. Now we at Team Tactics consider going the extra mile for our clients to be standard, so I called Liz straight away and she promised it wouldn’t happen again!

Private Tables in the Parmigiani Room at Mosimann's

Sure enough for the events the following week, Buckingham Palace was back to its toasty self. On Wednesday 17th, our clients dinner at Mossimann’s coincided with that of the Lawn Tennis Association, dining as a precursor to the Davis Cup at Wimbledon in the days to follow. The evening finished in the most fantastic way, with Andy Murray, under no obligation whatsoever, coming out to greet an elderly guest of our client and signing an autograph for her great grandaughter. A fantastic touch which truly made her evening. 

So the palace gates will close for another year for these most fabulous evenings, though from what I hear from Tina the Corporate Evenings at Windsor Castle with dinner at the Waterside Inn are at least of equal standing. Plus, dates are available all year round so contact us.


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