Corporate 2 day Jolly to Paris

On Monday morning 29th September, despite the chaos and worrying time over the cancellation of trains on the Eurostar, thankfully staff from a major financial firm and their clients managed to set off on time from St Pancras station to Paris for a fun packed two day event. The chaos was due to the fire in the tunnel on Eurostar just over 2 weeks ago. In fact, my colleague Hellen had to joys of trying to get 30 guests back on that fateful day on the 12th….luckily I didn’t have to run that event!!

When the guests arrived in Paris, they were picked up by a private coach and transferred to the fabulous Hotel Hilton Arc de Triomphe where they stayed overnight.

Once they had all settled into their rooms and freshened up, a short meeting was held before they went on to enjoy breath taking views and a three course dinner at the Eiffel Tower’s first floor restaurant Altitude 95.

In the morning, all feeling a little worse for wear having had a super evening (and where else Laura….?!!), guests were taken to Marina Arsenal were they boarded their own private boat for a superb buffet lunch and cruise along the River Seine.

A private coach then transferred the group back to Gare de Nord and thankfully Eurostar pulled out all the stops and treated them to VIP treatment in the Business lounge and champagne galore on the journey home.

Having spoken to the client it was great to hear that all guests thoroughly enjoyed their trip. They were a lovely group and it was a pleasure to spend two days with them.

Laura Underdown
Events Co-ordinator
Team Tactics
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