A week away from the office and what happens?

Over the school half term I decided to take a short family break down to Cornwall, watching and event managing my girls on their surfboards whilst I was snuggled up on the beach! How do they do manage it in that freezing Cornish water, I do not know! Next year I plan to cover myself from head to toe in rubber….so that just my eyes are peeking out of the wetsuit. No doubt I shall research which ones keeps me the warmest!! However, never far from my mind is Team Tactics. I can never leave the business alone. Hellen must have been overjoyed to hear my voice over the phone …(not!!) what’s new, what’s happening, what gossip!!??

She knows I want to hear that the business is still booming and people still love us, and getting that warm feeling that customers wish to place their business with us does indeed make me very happy! So I was overjoyed when lots of business came through during my absence, corporate cooking events, hospitality at Cheltenham, Ice Carving….em….The Haka for 120 persons……and lots of new enquiries!! Great, happy days. I came off the phone and my children got extra treats and instantaneous hugs from me!!

I suppose we know that times are hard (I am beginning to hate the term, Credit Crunch) and for every booking we receive, we hear news that others are cutting back. Sometimes quite depressing. So when we get business through I am thrilled.

At the moment I have spent all day doing a tender for a financial services institution in the hope of capturing all of their event management, client entertainment business. I know the companies we are up against and they are pretty good at what they do. Where our strength lies is providing a total package, ie sporting, tickets plus plus plus the bespoke events which is our strength. However, if they only want cheap sporting packages, we are not the company for them. If they want a company a little more dynamic who will come up with very different entertainment ideas, we are the right company for them.
Anyway, watch this space. I am the ever pessimist!!

All my love because I am in such a good mood…Tina

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