New kid on the block

Hi, I’m Elena the new member of Team Tactics! I have been here for almost a month now and already feel very part of the team.

Yesterday 3rd November I managed my first event for corporate cooking in the centre of London. I arrived a little early while everything was still being set up, I took this opportunity to familiarise myself with the venue situated in the City and take a few pictures to update our website.

Two coaches arrived promptly at 1 o’clock with 80 guests from a very well known energy and petrochemicals company.who were straight away seated for welcome drinks and tucked straight into the gorgeous food that was being served and the smell was divine! I also took the opportunity to taste some of the lovely food!

After everyone had finished their meal and the wine was flowing the guests watched a demonstration of cooking Asian food before the practical fun began! The guests were split into 10 teams and each team had their own table set-up with pastries and fillings which they used to make a selection of Thai Fish Cakes, Chicken dumplings, Spring rolls and Coconut Pancakes. I was very impressed how well the food was made (they must of paid a lot of attention in the demonstration!) the food smelt, looked and tasted very good! All of the teams were marked on presentation and Team 1 came out on top, the winners! Congratulations to them.

I know we are looking at two other corporate cookery events and as a company we are sampling one event on the 26th November in London. We do many cookery events and it would be nice to have different cookery events available to our corporate client. Will fill you in after 26th November. I know we are competing against another one of our clients so it should be a fun and entertaining evening.

All in all my first weeks at Team Tactics and my first event went very well and I’m looking forward to learning and making many more bookings!!

Elena Howe
Team Tactics
01227 738280

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