Hot and happening!

Well it’s the middle of the week in November and for those of you with very stressful lives, feeling the need for a quick power nap, read on and I will lull you off to sleep in a matter of seconds!

Cheltenham Horseracing Festival is not far off (March 2008) and having just searched the ether and beyond to find accommodation for our staff within an hour of Cheltenham under 180 per night. If you haven’t booked then please do think about it very quickly! We have some great hospitality packages and our glass fronted boxes also have balconies now so great views are available to all budgets. Take a look here and I know of no other events company who offer as much as we do.

With Christmas only a few weeks away our Christmas event planning is well underway, and our Christmas cookery evenings has really taken off. Tina already has some more exciting plans for next year based around corporate events for the family! Hard to keep up! For those of you who don’t know the format of a cookery event, guests have an exclusive event (min 15 persons) in a venue on Piccadilly, preparing and cooking various items whilst enjoying a glass of wine and then are seated to eat their delicious food with more wine, Christmas music and Santa hats! Great value for money and all details on website.

Laura and I are also busy with London Cab Clue Trails and are carrying large, delicious drinks hampers to various start destinations all over the City ready for the briefing and to set the teams off on their event. We get some great pictures from these events there are some very imaginative people out there!!! – and most clients love getting them emailed to them for in the office for all to enjoy.
Lots to do so best get cracking. Ok, wakey wakey and back to work!

Hellen Kelly
Team Tactics
01227 738280

PS From the Editor..Hellen has no idea I have put in this photo..let’s see how often she reads the blog!!

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