New Event – The Cook Off!

Team Tactics tests out it’s new event to be launched January 2009 – The Corporate Cook Off!!

After a busy morning in the office, we all set off as a team to meet up with some of our long standing clients for a fun packed evening in Central London. We invited key clients to come and join us and test one of our many new events, the Corporate Cook Off! This was a trial for us so it was extremely important to get feedback from our clients as we strongly value their opinions and want to make sure we are offering the best possible package.

Our new cookery venue is in Portland Place, Oxford Circus and offers lots of space and a feel good factor. The kitchen was immaculate (six ovens, wow!) with all the fresh ingredients and fresh meats and fish, fruit and vegtables on display ready for us to cook. There were 16 of us altogether, so once we were split into our 2 teams, each team was given their own personal Chef and taken into a room where everyone discussed and chose the ingredients we were going to use to make up our dishes which we would then cook and then prepare for the opposite team! Once each team had chosen the 2 dishes (starter and main), it was back to the kitchen where everyone donned their cookery hats and aprons and the Cook Off began!

Team Tactics Team had chosen to cook their opponents a fish food platter to start and chicken stuffed with goat’s cheese and olives for main whilst HSBC’s team opted for scallops with a sweet chilli sauce for their starter and for their main, duck in an amazing 5 spice sauce.

Six members of each team were given 40 minutes to cook their starter and prepare their main whist the other 2 members stayed front house to set up the tables. We were able to use the most beautiful flowers and got to design our own fancy napkins and also got to make our own menus.

After sitting down and sampling the starters – which were amazing the teams went back into the kitchen to finish their main dishes, which also tasted fantastic. I have to add here that there was a group in our team who headed off in the direction of the cocktail making. Big decisions required on what type of cocktail to concoct! Our opposing team suggested ours did look a little on the colourful side and strong (!!).

Once the teams had finished their three course meal, everyone was anxious to hear the results! The judges also tasted all the dishes that were prepared and the overall mark was given on the presentation of the table layout and the food and also the feedback from all team members.
And the winners were Team Tactics! But only by 2 points!

We all had a super evening and it was lovely to see familiar faces and enjoy an amazing three course meal that we actually made ourselves. I just want to say a huge thank you to all the staff and Chefs for working so hard making the event so enjoyable.

Laura Underdown
Team Tactics
01227 738280

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As one of the ‘clients’ lucky enough to be invited, I agree it was a brilliant evening. I’ve never had the opportunity to be in a professional kitchen before, with all the high-quality ingredients and equipment available to play with…fantastic. It was a great combination of fun activity followed by delicious food and plenty of wine – and that killer cocktail!


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