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Having a browse on the various blogs around the world this week, I was interested to read some great pieces on staff morale. As a company who arrange corporate entertainment and staff events aimed at getting staff out of the office and having FUN, I was particularly interested in these articles. It seems that generally staff morale is pretty low in some business where there are redundancies and cost cutting. Sadly I have heard on three different telephone conversations, that although clients have paid 100% for their shared Christmas parties, they cant be seen to be doing any sort of event and so have cancelled it. How appalling for those poor staff who look forward to, at the end of a hard year, to let their hair down at least once, and this has been taken away from them.
Anyway just some interesting snippets I have picked up this week:

Improving Staff Morale
Morale improvement takes more than just words of praise by Megan McConnell

There has been a lot written about how to improve the morale of people in the workplace. It involves making people feel valued for their contributions, being there to listen to them, and making sure that they get the support they need to do their work.
However, sometimes what is overlooked is that low staff morale is often a build up of lots of little problems that, as they accumulate, cause morale to drop because they have been overlooked. It can be a case of not seeing the wood for the trees!
Improving morale is the duty of everybody who has a supervisory role from the Team Leaders to the CEO. Part of their role is to watch and listen. Team Leaders should be encouraged to share their experiences with senior management. More importantly, they should be listened to, as they are usually the ones who know what the real problems are.
Improvements in staff morale have big financial payoffs: happy staff are productive staff. If the changes needed cost $500, but your income improves by $1000, then you have more than covered the cost. You also have to remember that sometimes it’s a once off cost as well.

China Trade Information
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Globally, it will continue to be negative next year in the human resource sector, especially for the auto, finance and construction industries, said China Miner Gorman, chief operating officer of Society for Human Resource Management, the world’s largest human resource management firm.
“It is time to take action to boost staff morale and the employers should be cautious before embarking on large-scale layoffs” she said.
Currently, the ‘big four’ have no plans to curtail campus recruitment. An email to PwC staff in October stated, “there will be no reduction in graduate hires. We are not going to make short-term, knee-jerk decisions to cut hiring, which we will regret in future years.”
PwC also confirmed earlier in November that it plans to hire about 2,000 graduates in China next year.

Branford Magazine

A great deal of energy is expended by many of the largest business corporations persuading us that they are truly committed to providing excellent customer service.
If my experience is shared by other consumers looking for reasonable service from businesses, shops etc, then these claims are hokum I asked for directions to find a product in a very well known shop, and was told ‘to the left’ with the wave of an arm, and no eye contact. A little later, I had to wait for the privilege of paying for the item. Staff morale was obviously at rock bottom, and it was no fun to shop there, so people did not bother. Any senior executive could surely have seen and sensed what I did. Too obvious, I guess.
We humans are a gregarious species. We enjoy communicating with our fellows – we need to be needed. We are hard wired to cooperate, so helping one another should come naturally. But no, decision makers, out of touch with day to day life, seem to come up with formulas to better the business but forget what happens at the sharp end.

Blog re. Woolworths
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According to Abeo Consulting’s MD Derek Bishop, one of the main causes of Woolworths loss in profits is likely to be attributable to their customer service and had they drawn up a competitive analysis plan, it would have given them the ammunition to live up to the top dog title.
Managers need to be walking with the staff on the shop floor, staying close to them, as this is a very traumatic time for them. With managers becoming more sensitive to staff, morale will boost leading to improved sales and more money to put back into the kitty. At the same time, staff will have a huge number of ideas on how things should be improved in order to make a difference to the customer and engaging them will have a positive impact for the business. The employees also need to be kept informed on the movements of the company, if it is to completely collapse, so they would get a chance to create a back up plan if necessary. This will also contribute to higher morale and respect, explains Bishop.

Customer experience is so crucial right now as retail sales are already under strain, let alone within Woolworths. They need to start focusing on the customer experience again and put unbeatable prices to the side, adds Bishop.

Women in Business
Boosting Employee Morale in a Weak Economy

During this time of year, it is important to take all the energy from the holidays and turn weakened morale from the struggling economy into positive business. One way of upping the business morale can be found in encouraging staff development. As a business owner, you can find value in your staff when you involve them in the inner workings of the company. With the economy in the shape that it is, and the holidays quickly approaching, poor employee morale may be evident, but by making an effort to turn this into bonding energy, employees will be dedicated and driven to the CEO and to each other. Employees are a vital part of your business, and in stressful times, you don’t want them to feel as if they are competing to keep their jobs. Collaborative, supportive and strategic staff involvement can further your business and make your employees feel like a cohesive team.

Hope these have been interesting reads for our bloggers.
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