Bah Christmas parties?

For those companies who have decided not to host their annual staff Christmas party this year, bah humbug!!

In a recent article in GK Business How Morale is important to a Business, The Chartered Management Institute’s director of marketing and corporate affairs, Jo Causon comments that those companies who STILL undertake staff xmas parties as a means of a thank you for all their hard work, is even more appreciated in a climate of tightening belts.

Small things do matter. The cost implication of saying thank you and spending £100 a head (?) is worth so much more in terms of personal commitment to a company.

We had some parcels delivered today which were Bonsai trees given to everyone in our company by Production Plus. Thank you to David Austin. I can only say that the impact it had on me was hugely positive and meant so much more in today’s tough market. Production Plus didn’t need to do it but the whole company will simply love them! My only concern is that I don’t kill this beautiful Bonsai Tree that has been cared for all these years before being dispatched to a our household! Secondly I now wonder whether we should have done it ourselves?

Team Events for January?

Still considering doing something in January to banish those January blues and energise your team for the New Year..? Then look no further. We have just launched (officially 5 January) our corporate cooking event called The Corporate Cook-Off. You may have seen some another blog posted earlier when we all tried it out as a company in November. We loved it and have tweaked it here and there to present the finished product to the market. I am thrilled with this event as we can offer this all year to small or large groups and can easily combine with an off-site meeting or conference. It represents superb value for money and a cracking good team building event.

Lots more ideas such as Circus Skills workshop to potentially combine with a thrilling evening at The Royal Albert Hall to watch the renowned ‘Quidam’ by Cirque de Soleil. Or how about some treasure hunts around London, either the Cab Clue Trail or a walking based hunt called The Team Tactics Takeaway Treasure Hunts. Okay…still not convinced and want something perhaps to run in your office? What about some real energisers such as Drumming, Boomwhackers, The Haka. These events can be run in their own right or can be combined to create The Global Music Experience.

Whizzing off to another corporate cookery event so must dash.
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Team Tactics
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