Yet another Cookery event with Team Tactics

What a busy week we have and no less than four cookery events on in the week leading up to Xmas.
I attended a fabulous cookery event for an energy company on Monday. I believe they had meetings all day and then joined us around 6.00pm. Being only 5’3” I was slightly smaller than the average male in the room which was about 6’4”! Having enjoyed Prosecco and canapes on arrival, it was then time for some fabulous Thai cooking. Can I just blow our trumpet and say we brought in the team from the Blue Elephant, one person no less than the Head Chef. He was personally involved with the setting up of the Thai Cookery School in Bangkok.

Our fabulous team of instructors advised the group and guided them into discovering the usage of Thai fruits and vegetables without forgetting the multicoloured spices! It was all hands to the deck and guests loved the experience of the culinary technique of Thai cuisine.

The smells were remarkable and I am looking forward to receiving the menus and I really fancy having a go myself though I still am not sure what the yellow block of (curd?) was. It tasted fab in the dish anyway.

Please feel free to have a look at flickr for all the photos. Failing that I attach a few here. Any persons reading this, I would like to suggest that if you are considering either some fun client event or indeed some staff (shh team building!), this is totally IT!!

Finally Martin, I am so glad this met your expectations and I would love you to put your comments for readers, as it nice to hear it from the client’s perspective!

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Team Tactics
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