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I have been speaking to many of you on the phones over the past few days and it is apparent that a lot of you out there have had your budgets cut or just can’t commit to anything just now. It is with this in mind that we are currently trying to introduce some events which will match tighter budgets but still give you and your guests or staff a rewarding experience. We know that as a business we can move with the market demands and are lucky being as flexible as we are. Current events which seem to be still highly popular are The Corporate Cook Off, Cab Clue Trail, Thames Power Blast, Take Away Treasure Hunts…..

Two of these events are being launched in the next couple of weeks, our East End Experience which will take you on a journey through the up and coming East End of London whilst taking part in a scavenger hunt in some very hip places – vintage clothes shops, art galleries etc. Having been around the area myself, I can honestly say you will be transformed into an area which is so out of the norm it is really refreshing!

The second is an absolutely superb event where groups will go to a professional East End studio and create a photo set and then proceed to complete a photo shoot, edit and then take the finished article back to the office! Having met the photographer involved, his personality is such that guests will leave the studio with a great insight into what is actually involved in creating the great pictures we see in our glossy mags. Unfortunately due to his work schedule with various top magazines and celebrities you only have to look at his walls! this will be a limited availability event so do let us know if you are interested. All very exciting and I look forward to seeing very successful conclusions to this event.

The nice side of making calls is speaking to clients who you may have lost touch with over the past couple of years and catching up with their news so Hi to you all and for those of you I haven’t yet spoken to, watch out because I will be reaching you shortly!! If I haven’t mentioned it, do look at our Buckingham Palace event for this year (April & September) as they are very special. Another one, again one of my favourites, is The Henley Festival of Music & Art. Brilliant. Love it and see you there!

Hellen Kelly
Team Tactics
01227 738280

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