Beware: The market is tightening

Last week everybody in our industry was shocked to hear that European Events and Progressive Resources had gone into liquidation. However I have got to the point where I am sick hearing the term credit crunch so have titled the page differently!

However good news today, my good friend down in the Solent has picked them up and I wish him all the best even though he is more of a competitor now! A nice gentleman, fun and honest to deal with.

Team Tactics hasn’t worked with European Events after booking hospitality at The Open Golf Championships at Sandwich about 6 years ago. I never forget that fateful day when I walked in and all I wanted to do was bury myself in a bunker and never to be seen again! It was just not our standard and promised and vowed never to book something blind ever again and unfortunately for European Events, never to do business with them. I was interested to see them really make headway into the summer and Xmas party markets and shake up the market where Ultmate Experience really had previously dominated. However, chatting to another pal in our industry who can check everybody’s credit status, he did point out that their credit in 2007 was very poor. The writing was on the wall. So Ultimate Events will no doubt re-capture the market in the London xmas party market (thankfully not our scene, but look out for our alternative Xmas Party ideas coming shortly).

Well I can say, with hand on heart, that our credit is excellent and we are financially a very stable strong business. However I do have a bug bear that really won’t help anybody in business today. We have some business’ who are just waiting for the last minute deals. All I can say is we will do our best possible price possible but beware, there are many companies selling at whatever price they can get. Let’s just hope they will be around for the event and be able to deliver the package on the day. I genuinely know that things are shaky for business’ who just do sporting events and have relied on just putting ‘bums on seats’ and have very little to differentiate themselves.

Lots of changes happening in our industry today and I do believe those that remain will capture a bigger slice of the market. As a result of the changing market, for instance, you will see that we offer no more than 4 different options for hospitality at Cheltenham and offering a price structure that will suit all different budgets. Last year we had only two. We have also launched a brilliant East End Scavenge hunt that we are shortly going to rename at Urban Safari (sorry!) which again, is a well priced event, where London workers don’t have to travel far for some fun London Team Building. For those conscious of the carbon footprint, this is fabulous and we await our first event with excitement!

All the best
Tina Benson
Team Tactics
01227 738280

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