Hospitality Henley Regatta

Why choose Team Tactics for hospitality at Henley Regatta?

It’s difficult looking at all the packages available for hospitality at Henley Royal Regatta this year, actually quite daunting. Sometimes the photos taken on the relevant page of some suppliers for Henley Regatta 2009 show marvellous rowing pictures which sets the scene nicely, whilst others show nothing at all. I hope by looking at Team Tactics pages, you will see we offer a really very excellent hospitality package at Henley Regatta and that we hope you will go nowhere else!

We have spent a great deal of time showing prospective corporate clients our actual facility, the quality of the marquee, its location and most importantly the food. We know ours is the best hospitality facility at Henley Regatta there is at very competitive prices but without clients comparing on the day and wandering up and down the river to compare, how else can they make this judgement over one page on the internet?!

Life is tough!

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