Hospitality at Cheltenham Festival

Although the economic climate is certainly showing that activity levels for corporate hospitality has been tightened, Cheltenham Festival has come around this year very fast and Hellen was only commenting on the fact that she was going to be a busy girl and was planning on wearing flat shoes for Cheltenham Festival 2008.

This year Team Tactics is offering more entertaining facilities at Cheltenham Festival, offering a range of options based on budget. We have been able to offer entertaining at Cheltenham for as little as £140 pp. This is the Moscow Flyer Restaurant. However, we still love the Needham & Needham facility which is the epitome of style and comfort.

Whilst writing this piece for the blog, it is very interesting to see that some other suppliers are simply slashing their prices. I can’t believe one I have just read. However, more worrying is reading between the lines what is happening in the industry at the moment. We are almost becoming like banks, not wanting to take on other people’s stock just in case the company is toxic and they are going under.

Only today I have received a sales memorandum for a big company that went into liquidation. I keep stressing for companies who do seek client entertaining, staff team building and corporate hospitality, they need a keen eye on their credit ratings. This is our USP at the moment!!!

Happy Monday to you all!!
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