Cookery Trip to Padstow c/o Rick Stein

Occasionally there are FAM trips that make it to my desk that are too good to turn down and this was one of them. Team Tactics do a huge amount of company cookery events in London and I personally must have visited every cookery school in Central London.

So when I was invited to sample the Cookery School in Padstow, I couldn’t refuse. I was a little anxious how I would react when I would be undoubtedly need to shred a fish to bits, but actually when the time came, it was no problem.
I must thank Hilary at all at the Seafood School for their kind hospitality extended to all of us from different event companies. I have got out of the habit of meeting my fellow competitors but actually it is hugely enjoyable and quite honestly, all a very nice bunch of people. I hope I have made a few friends and to think we could all work more closely together would be great.
The journey would prove to be eventful. Having glanced up at the screen at Gatwick
to see a small plane (yuk!) would fly a handful of passengers to Plymouth first and then up to Newquay. Drat! Not being the best passenger, this didn’t sound a great way to spend a couple of hours. However, having done very well so far, we landed at Plymouth Airport, to be told that there was a diesel leak and that we would need to get to Newquay via Taxi. I raced to get to the front seat (others at this stage were unaware of my travel condition!). Well the journey there and then to Padstow was HELL for me! So I was Mrs Boring and went and collapsed in my 270 room for the night.

The next morning, the sun was shining across the Estuary and I felt great. After a hearty breakfast we were introduced to the very dishy (no not fishy!) Bill who was our head chef for the day. He controlled our group admirably especially with Virgil from Seal Events, a very fun and entertaining character who would have gladly taken over if given half the chance. I was very interested to see how they compared to our events, How to Cook Asian and The Corporate Cook Off. There was one big difference which was the size of their kitchens. Absolutely huge! Mind you, they were in a very smart ‘hanger’ on the Padstow Quayside, and would imagine that the rent is minimal compared to central london. The other point against Padstow is that it isn’t central london and we have problems getting some clients to travel to Wandsworth for a cookery event, let alone Cornwall!

Superb day and one that I would highly recommend, though pricey if you include the high quality, beautifully presented accommodation. Lots of culinary skills learnt and great fun had by all. The only unpleasant bit was coming back home again (the journey that is!). Personally I would prefer to drive down to Cornwall next time but the experience was memorable!

Knowing the area well, it would be great having a high end brief whereby a group of corporate clients request some seaside activities (surfing/sailing), wine tasting and cookery plus even some golf, then this would be the perfect answer. Let the climate improve perhaps?!

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