Corporate Enquiries – what’s popular?

Life in the Events Industry is always so diverse and different. What is interesting over the last couple of months is how late events are being booked.
This I, I know, is apparent everywhere in our business though it will be interesting to see if it carries on into the summer months, as I always wonder that if you do have a major client to entertain, you really need to get this into his diary early.
Just before Easter it was joyfully busy! Coming back today I had to sit quietly and go through my TO DO list and also remind myself from SENT items where I was at….

We have a summer party for 190 guests. This is a tough one as this oil company were going to go for a Summer Fete but some staff came back to say their teenage children would be bored rigid. I can’t blame them but we had to find some event that would tick all the boxes for all ages. Having done all the theme parks, this has proved tricky. Having forwarded some ideas, we will wait and see if the consensus is:
1. Remain a family day and try and find something for everyone, perhaps It’s a Knockout or
2. Revert to an adult affair eg Henley Royal Regatta

We had an accountancy firm whose client is the BBC and are wanting to understand their business, so are considering our Television Experience day, which is really superb.

Lots of corporate cookery event enquiries and bookings.

Ice Carving for a Tobacco firm in London as part of their drinks party which they are holding inhouse and making the event more interactive with our Ice Scultpturing activity.

Various team building enquiries for which we have suggested Cab Clue Trail, Corporate Cookery Events,
Thames Power Blast, East End Scavenge and Circus Skills

Overall we are seeing numbers of attendees at events lower than in previous years but truly delighted to see that business is busy and active!

Tina Benson
Team Tactics
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