A very tired Hellen is typing this after a long but extremely satisfying corporate event yesterday. A worldwide firm were holding their global conference in London and 180 delegates were flying in from all over the world including Dubai, Europe and America.
In order to give the guests a true British experience our client decided to transport the guests from the Radisson SAS Heathrow to London via red Routemaster buses complete with conductor hanging precariously from the back!
The conference was held at The Odeon Cinema West End in Leicester Square and the client placed a huge bill board above the cinema which looked very impressive to the guests walking across the square having been dropped off by the buses in blazing sunshine.

A 3 hour conference followed with some of the best advertising campaigns I have seen backed with amazing music. As with all the best laid plans, and a couple of unplanned speakers (!) we overran by half an hour but not to be deterred, I hustled and pushed until after an amazingly short time we were ready to depart for a trip on The London Eye.

Eight private capsules had been booked for a half an hour flight which for foreign clients, is a really great way to see a lot in a short time. Whilst on the eye our venue for the evening, the magnificent Silver Sturgeon Boat, docked next to us at Waterloo Pier. Guests exited the Eye and boarded the boat enjoying a glass of champagne or fruit cocktails outside in the fading sunshine.

The Silver Sturgeon never fails to wow me. It is simply the best boat on the Thames at the moment in my humble opinion of course – and is worth every penny you spend. Classy decor, simple and understated colours, open top deck with bar and sweeping central staircase are just some of the many good points. The staff are very professional and un-obtrusive – you somehow feel that although you have been served you didn’t actually notice any body there! – and James, Nick and Marjie run a tight ship (pardon the pun!). There is just something so lovely – do tune back in shortly if I go on a bit about sailing gently along the Thames on a beautiful boat watching London come to life sparkling with all the lights and passing some of London’s great heritage. Some of you may say I’m easily pleased but it’s just great!!!

The dinner was as always, perfect with the addition of some light entertainment in the form of The Three Waiters. Dressing as part of the crew, they wander about the guests pouring drinks and serving meals until at the main course they embark on 25 minutes of wit and singing which ended with my guests giving a standing ovation! I must extend sincere thanks to Carl, Graham and Mark who were absolutely first class and gave me lots of laugh off stage! A great addition to any event and the length of performance, style and where you require it can all be tailored to your requirements. Do call me for details if interested.

After a lovely cruise the group departed the boat at 23:15 very happy although some were tired with jet lag, and boarded the Routemaster buses for the journey back to Heathrow. My client received some very good feedback from her guests so, another good event and one which I thoroughly enjoyed.
Thanks to all involved.

In summary, just another bespoke event Team Tactics has organised that we can notch up on the wall as successful. It’s certainly challenging but highly rewarding as each client’s brief and event is unique and that in many instances this may be their only event of the year and it HAS to work and be perfect. That what makes my job so great and I love Team Tactics so much I never want to leave (okay…that wasn’t Hellen’s comment but Tina’s!!)

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