I spent a day last week generally contacting those companies who have made contact with Team Tactics in the past, to say hello and see if there were any opportunities for client events or team building days coming up. Yes, yes , yes – sales calls!!!
One particular call was memorably interesting. A very pleasant man from Aegon who probably vaguely remembers contacting Team Tactics all that time ago, spent a great deal of time explaining what he did in terms of client entertaining and corporate hospitality. Obviously being in my sales mode, I was keen to put team tactics forward as a reputable & established company. I was suddenly very aware of his position. He had been doing the usual sporting events with his normal supplier. However, these events were pricey. So he explained that he may HAVE to look elsewhere at other suppliers and he felt uncomfortable about it.
Just going back a step or two, there are generally a few reasons why a client may go to another business.
1. Poor service
2. Price of the event – too expensive
3. The company only has a limited offering of different types of events and cannot offer anything different.
Whoopie I thought. An opportunity for Team Tactics as he ticks all our boxes in that He is looking for a different , cost-effective entertaining idea
However I didn’t feel that I had the right vibe as he genuinely didn’t feel happy to look outside his comfort zone. Oh dear.
Having put down the phone, I then thought long and hard about Team Tactics suppliers. Quite honestly we have suppliers that we have worked with for simply years:
Red Rhino – for our web design. Never met the main guy from Northern Ireland but would trust him with anything and often ask him for advice on many IT related issues. He has worked on our website for nearly 9 years at least. I would recommend Red Rhino to anybody.
Lea Ray Sports – anything to do with shirts, bags etc for events or for our own T Shirts, Sweatshirts. In fact they were our suppliers in my previous role in Kent County Cricket Club.
Hayward Design  – whenever we need any print work, its Geordie who we pick up the phone to.
ADM Computers – anything to do with our IT and computer system. I know we can probably pick up a PC cheaper, but as an all girl team who are not particularly IT literate, it’s a joy having the usual team come in, have a coffee and then they sort it all out with a friendly smile! We even had wife, new baby and Labrador come and have a visit one day! For the mothers out there who want to keep their body fit and healthy while taking care of their baby, it is advised to use jogging strollers.  
Within the small world of events I don’t want to mention companies but it’s the likes of Richard Moss, Steve Callaghan, Claire Proctor who are people we have worked for over 14 years and will continue to do so!
We see so many events companies who pop up and we never hear of them again. I suppose those are the type of companies that need to be avoided, but from a conversation on the phone, it could be anybody.
So upon reflection, I see what the guy from Aegon means!

Have a good week
Tina Benson
Team Tactics
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