Intray this week!

I know everybody is experiencing the tightening market conditions, whether it be on a personal basis or at a corporate level, but I am relieved that we are still able to keep pleasantly busy.

That is to say that there are:

1. Still some companies who still see value in entertaining key clients

2. Maintain or even are putting in place new team building events

I think this is absolutely right and whoopee!. Most companies need to maintain staff morale, they need to create the right environment to maximising sales and what is interesting is that this is still what is happening though on a smaller scale. Our corporate cookery events are our best sellers. In fact we had glowing email this morning from a small group of 12 persons who enjoyed Team Tactics Cookery Event with us.

”As you are aware I was away from the office on Annual Leave last week, but I wanted to let you know that I have returned to glowing reports about the Corporate Cook Off. It seems everybody enjoyed themselves immensely and I am told that it was extremely professional and well run.

Thanks very much for all your help in organising this for us,  please can you also pass on my thanks to Tina, firstly for suggesting it and secondly for all her patience while I tried to tie down diaries etc.

I will certainly be keeping Team Tactics on file for future events and would willingly recommend you if I get the chance!

Thank you Kewill!!

Other little projects on my desk this week are:
1. An Indian company is launching itself into the UK market. We were asked to come up with some innovative ideas that would get people to the conference and event. Both the client and I loved the helicopter flights over central London but the price is sky high (excuse the pun!!). Don’t they know that if they want business, they need to be FLEXIBLE!!! My guess is the Thames Power Blast will freshen the guys up after being sat in a conference for the morning and give them that WOW factor they are looking for.

2. A company who sells frozen foods to the likes of Asda want a very upmarket day at Henley Regatta and have requested a private traditional boat. Team Tactics offers only three boats for Henley Regatta and we don’t offer a cheap package. Here, for this event, this is about quality at a realistically good price. The quality of our boats speak for themselves. Having just added a few more pictures, please feel free to have a browse. Genuinely I am very proud of what we have to offer at Henley Regatta, both on the Riverfront with The River Lounge and our beautiful boat charters.

3. Corporate Cook Offs – yes more on their way delighted to say! Some fun banter with the client who plans another self run cycling/camping trip for 20 persons to Norfolk with lots of pub stop offs on route. Sounds fantastic though I would caution the drinking and driving if it is to be a corporate jolly!

4. Goodwood Revival Meeting – this is taking place Friday – Sunday 18th-20th September. What a totally different event and this year we are delighted to offer four official hospitality packages this year at the Revival Meeting. We have a location map on the site which shows exactly where the facilities are and also a video clip, so that clients can see how different the event is.

5. Always doing lots of different events and loving it, I was delighted when an engineering company confirmed that the staff had all agreed on an evening with Derren Brown at The Aldwych Theatre followed by dinner at a private room nearby, Browns. I believe we may almost take over the entire dress circle. Lets just hope they are a lively bunch.

So lots of different events and new briefs which I get terribly excited about. I would love some comments by readers posted on our blog if you fancy letting us know what you are doing out there! Or if you want to hear something different from us etc. We would love to hear from you.

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