A call for a team building event

Being a major provider of a wide range of team building events, Team Tactics receives many calls for team building events, out of office days or generally a staff thank-you day. Sometimes the caller may know precisely what they want but in many instances they don’t know and want US to come up with solutions.

Both are terrific calls to receive, but there are many questions that needed to be asked from our point of view to understand their brief correctly….

1. Who will be partaking in this proposed team building event? Senior management, entire departments or the business as a whole. An antiques curio evening would not suit a young team perhaps.

2. What is the client looking to achieve? Does this need to be measurable, will a facilitator be required etc. We often find this is more than likely not the case when the call comes to Team Tactics. Our corporate event called For Whom The Bells Tolls is our one exception. A more serious team building event that really comes out of itself if a facilitator is present.

3. When? We are seeing recently a very short lead time for some events. However, some clients may be looking to do a team buiding event after their year end, after some redundancies….many sorts of reasons. Regularly we take bookings for our Corporate Cook Off for the following week. I am delighted to say that we are about to launch our mobile cookery events shortly for bigger groups where we will cater for Indian, Italian & French cooking.

4. Where in the country do they need to do the event? I had a client a few days ago call to say she did a few days in the Orkney Islands. This certainly grabbed my attention, but some corporates usually provide some sort of guideline. A witty client from Mansells emailed a reply the other day…’but some of my staff get nosebleeds if they go outside the M25”.

5. What’s the budget? Crucial!! this helps enormously and will give us a direction. Sadly a caller with£20 a head went away with nothing.

6. Is the required team building activity part of an overall bigger day with a conference? Do we have any limitations with regard to the space we have to work in?

7. How active an event does the client want it? Obviously proposing That’s a Knockout to a High Ropes Event when all the real intention is to just a quite out of office jolly with a few glasses of wine is not ideal!

There must be more..anybody got any thoughts?

Tina Benson
Team Tactics
01227 738280

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