I think I’m turning Japenese

Last Thursday I spent a great day in Reading with a group of top executives from a worldwide coffee restaurant franchise who had elected to take part in our Japanese Cookery Event as a bit of light team building during their 2 day meeting.

This interactive team event was held at a super little hotel, a former Victorian building The Beech House Hotel, Reading, where Umar and his team give a very personal touch within the 15 room venue. The client had taken over the entire hotel so thankfully the noise and slightly messy scenario that followed did not interrupt anyone else!

Our chef, Cristina Ronchi for those of you who know our Christmas Cookery event you will remember Cristina as a very passionate chef who is a lot of fun! and I arrived in the morning to familiarise ourselves with the kitchen and set-up all the necessary items for the day ahead.

The group split into 2 teams and prepared the following menu

Assorted Sushi, TeMaki, TekkaMaki, FutoMaki, California Rolls
Miso Soup
Teriyaki Salmon with black sesame seeds and spring onions
Yakitori (soy glazed chicken skewers)
Soba Noodles
Patisserie-style fruit tart

The aim of the event is to prepare the 4 course meal within set guidelines:

– Using only the ingredients provided
– Within a two hour time frame
– Noting you will be judged on the final items
– Ensuring quality, taste and creativity in display are included in the final presentation

The two teams were incredibly competitive and eager to get into the task of beating their colleagues in spectacular style. With Cristina and I moving between the kitchen and the prep/sushi areas ensuring everyone was working well and any questions answered, the time flew by and both teams had a lot of fun, a little sabotage attempt by one team was rumbled early on thankfully! And all too soon it was time for the important judging.

After the judging, the teams then continued with their meeting for an hour whilst the rest of the skewers and Salmon were cooked by Cristina with the food being served for their dinner later on my waitressing skills were not wasted!

A round of applause greeted us as we said goodbye and there were some lovely comments from the team so thank you and although it was very hard work I must say I hadn’t worked physically that hard for a long time it really was worth it to hear and see their enjoyment in the event.
A huge thank you to Cristina Ronchi and The Beech House Hotel for being so accommodating.

This event is a slight adaptation to our Sushi Cookery Master class. Team Tactics provides a very broad range of corporate cooking events. We are delighted to be able to offer mobile cooking classes for larger numbers anywhere throughout the UK.

Hellen Kelly
Team Tactics
01227 738280

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Mike Peckham

Hi Hellen,

this looks great – as the Programme Facilitator we had a lot of fun and many thanks for the guidance and support.

Mike P


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