Out at the sharp end!

Asked by Hellen to pitch in and help with the management of a large Cab Clue Trail, I swiftly agreed.

Event management is not my side of the business but one that I very much enjoy. Being a morning team building activity, this was our Team Tactics Cab Clue Trail that incorporated a wonderful wicker picnic hamper, with a huge selection of delights!

We had 60 guests rendezvous with our events team at Waterloo Station. Actually sixty people in one area is pretty large, so we planned to split the group into two and brief each separately. It has been over 3 years since I ran a clue trail, but our London Treasure Hunt, in essence, has the same rules etc. We have four destinations which teams have to work out from the riddle. Lots of fun questions, scavenging and lateral thinking required! I think best our Cab Clue Trail is the fun each group have with the bonus questions and their digital camera. We have downloaded some below.

We always recommend keeping the end destinations (usually the venue providing the drinks and food) a secret as this is all part of the crossword. For this event the venue we suggested for the client was Browns Courtrooms in Covent Garden.

Our client provided drinks vouchers for their staff and canapes were provided before they set off back to their offices in Guildford. At the end of the event, there was a substantial amount of croissants, fruit salad, O.J’s and yogurts that were not consumed which all ended up being offered to the staff at Browns, then into our fridges back at home.

The result: very positive team building event which the client loved

Tina Benson
Team Tactics
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PS Please view our new London’s East End Scavenge Hunt and our self-run hunt which can be run in approx 38 different destinations around the country.

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