Is this what ice-breakers are all about?

Finding myself walking into a room of unknown people with my daughter over the weekend, I would imagine I felt like some people do when they are experiencing a team building event. In some instances, we organise corporate team building events where some staff won’t know their ‘team players’ as our client has purposely mixed different departments together.

Well I felt very much like them. These were some of the people I would be spending 10 days with, sleeping in the same room (ear plugs have already been advised, together with a sleeping bag as the mattresses may be a little of the dirty side….!) and walking side by side with.

As we all went around the room introducing ourselves, stating the charity we were doing ‘it’ for, I felt these people were totally alien to me. However, as with any team bonding event, you start off with your team wondering if you are going to get on with them, who will be the bossy types (oopss the leaders!) etc and you find that the person who identified themselves as a former alcoholic, who dressed like a man with red hair, would soon be my best friend! You just never know. She may have a heart of gold, be highly entertaining and possibly not snore at night!

On a more serious note, like any of our team building events such as Televison Experience Day, it’s the initial bit of the unknown. However, it’s about working together as a team that gets the end result. Like me I was delighted when I saw two old biddies as I am pretty sure I WON’T be the last!

Donations most welcome, all monies to the Dogs Trust.

Tina Benson
Team Tactics
01227 738280

What am I going to do?
I am walking the Great Wall of China in aid of the Dogs Trust in October and will be travelling with 30 other like minded (I fear not) individuals. I have decided to pay the trip myself and if people would like to sponsor this ‘experience’ this will go ontop of my money. I did start to sell tomato plants at the top of our drive, until somebody sadly stole the whole lot plus tray.

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