Team Tactics range of events expands

It is always gratifying when somebody finds Team Tactics on google and is pleasantly surprised by the range of client events and staff team building events we undertake.

What is our most popular corporate event?
By far the most booked corporate event we run is in Central London, The Corporate Cook Off. I think it is so appealing as there is a fun competitive element, greatly entertaining and at a great price which does include all the food and drink. I have visited most kitchens available for hire and I honestly think our kitchens are the best.

What is our most exciting event?

A few weeks ago, we were tasked with the job of coming up with a WOW event for some hedge fund guys. Apparently they own golf courses, yachts etc, so the average VIP event will not have made the cut.
However, flying MIG 31’s in Russia is a WOW. Or flying other jet fighter planes in Los Vegas, hiring a private room for a casino evening while checking the comparethebets betstars bonus guide (James Bond, eat your heart out!) with lots of other bells and whistles could be pretty incredible!

Mind you, you couldn’t pay me enough NOT to go on one personally but I imagine that some lads in the city would enjoy mentioning over a beer in the pub that he did the Top Gun thing and popped abroad to head up to the stratasphere as fairly entertaining chat!

Watch this space…we will see if the client goes ahead!

Too early for Xmas?
Definitely not! We are seeing that many firms are booking events still for 2009 and many of which are companies Xmas parties. As you will see from our website, we provide some really innovative, fun Xmas events designed for the corporate market. Which one is your favourite?

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Team Tactics
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