London Calling….

I have been quite busy this week and have decided to roll 3 events into one blog!

Starting with our VIP Buckingham Palace and Mosimann’s event which has been well received again this year. Various bank, lawyer and computer specialist firms have enjoyed the delights of a private tour around Buckingham Palace ending with a glass of champagne on the wonderful West Terrace. I’ll tell anyone that will listen that it really is a privilege to be guided around the most prestigious venue in the UK not just for the tremendous history there, but for the fact that it is nothing more than our Queen’s home and so many famous dignitaries have held court there over the centuries.

We have two options with this package at a dinner at Anton Mosimann’s exclusive club or Afternoon Tea at The Ritz. I know from speaking to various clients, they feel both are equally as good it really depends on the group you take and whether you want an afternoon or evening.

Our Thames Powr Blast just keeps on rolling and is such a great event for ensuring your guests leave with a smile on their face! Usually we depart from Embankment Pier however for a small charge, we can moor up and depart/arrive at an alternative pier at this week’s was St Katherine’s.

A group of Brokers decided to give some of their clients a thrill on the Thames followed by lunch at the River Lounge situated on St Katherine’s Dock. Thankfully the day was sunny and warm, a far cry from the previous day when torrential rain had drenched myself, Elena and clients at Buckingham Palace!!! Once kitted up and safety briefing completed, 3 RIBS cruised out under London Bridge towards Westminster and then back tracked to past the Thames Barrier where the boats play a bit of chicken out in the deeper waters! Having tested this event on several occasions, I know that you cannot fail to enjoy the cruise with boats in formation and the messing around on the water at the end. Needless to say most guests who weren’t worried about their hair, disembarked wanting to go again.

Thanks of course must go to the Team at Mosimann’s and Dean, Charlotte and team out on the RIBS.

Hellen Kelly

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