China, here I come!

China will be a very interesting country to visit and I am off tomorrow. Scary stuff! Ahhh!

So there will be no Corporate Cook Off to chat through (what we may be served out in the provinces of China could be a disturbing thought!), no more multi-activity days to get excited about, with Dog Handling as options. Instead there will, undoubtedly 60 people all chatting through their aches and pains as we walk 7-8 hours per day along The Great Wall of China! Though good team work necessary I am sure.

I won’t be able to discuss our high adrenalin London based event, The Thames Blast. Instead I will be hanging onto my coach seat, traversing the winding roads of mountainous China, concentrating on not getting travel sick. Now this is by biggest worry. I can cope with walking all day, even in the rain, but give me a windy road on a coach for 20 minutes and that’s me…ruined for the day!!

Moving on swiftly, I will miss cups of tea made by all the team here and the light banter around the office. Instead I will be with 60 unknown bods, some of which I have to sleep with. Save me a pray for any snorers that I may sleep with, though I have already purchased some ear plugs and fully charged up my ipod!!!

Finally I won’t be able to discuss with clients all the bespoke corporate options that may include 5 star accommodation with all the bells and whistles. We have been advised to bring our own sleeping bags, liners and thermals. Mattresses (of course!) are provided though the state of them may be somewhat unsavoury.

Am I excited? At the moment not at all, just nervous of the unexpected.

My thanks go out to everyone who has supported this trip (of a lifetime I hear you say!!) and have given money to the Dogs Trust. All in all we have all raised about £1,100 so far. If anybody wants to donation anything to the Dogs Trust, please please do go onto this link and donate. Every penny goes to the charity.

Will tell you how it goes on my return. Will miss the comfort of my office and Team Tactics.

Tina Benson
Team Tactics
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