BBC Children in Need, Paul Viney … and Team Tactics

I was listening this morning to Terry Wogan on BBC Radio 2 and who should I hear … our fabulous host for Team Tactics Antiques Conudrum, Paul Viney.

There is something so reassuring to listen to both his and Terry’s voices, which we have all listened to for over 15-20 years at this time of year(?)…Paul must obviously get a great deal of satisfaction from it.

This corporate event is ideal for those clients who are seeking an evening event and may give us one of the following briefs:

– For a group of senior clients looking to ‘add’ something to a dinner

– A group of senior clients, with their partners over dinner. This avoids the terrifying thought for the partners that all their ‘other half’ are going to do, is talk SHOP! Antiques Curio Evening provides something entertaining for the group to get involved

– A client event that will not take over the whole evening, other conversation is also important

– An event where the participants/clients have come from many parts of the world and their English is not perfect. This is a typically English activity where the English language isn’t hugely important

Well I hope Paul, you manage to raise a lot of money for the BBC Children in Need. You do every year. All the very best

Tina Benson
Team Tactics
01227 738280

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