The run up to Christmas….

In the run up to Christmas the office is very busy, we have been taking a lot of bookings for Christmas Cocktail Parties, Christmas Cab Clue Trails, Xmas Corporate Cooking, Theatre and Dinner Evenings, Ice-Carving and many more. The bookings are still coming it, so it seems some companies are leaving it to the very last minute, please contact us if you are still looking to book your Christmas event, whether it be a shared party or one of our alternative Xmas events we have something special to offer every group.


This week I managed a Cab Clue Trail event in the city for a small group of six people looking to do some team building. The event ran very smoothly despite the bad weather we have been having. The group finished off at a bar in Covent Garden which they were happy for us to choose, as they were such a small team they didn’t want one group to have any advantage over the other so it was a complete surprise for them. Lucky I made my way to the final venue in plenty of time as both groups finished in record timing and within minutes of one another. The first time to arrive were obvious winners as they had answered all but one question correctly and also were awarded an extra 100 points for being the first team to arrive back and hand their papers to me. The group really enjoyed our Cab Clue Trail and thought it was a brilliant Team Building event.


Please contact us if you are looking for any team building events and especially if you are looking for your Christmas Party, there is still time to book!

Enjoy your weekend.

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