Corporate Events 2010

Firstly may I wish all our blog readers a very happy and prosperous New Year. I recall sitting at my desk this time last year and wanting to fast forward 2009. I had a bad feeling! Perhaps I had some Jedi instincts or perhaps I was just being realistic! Too much watching of Star Wars I fear! However, I have just discovered Star Wars and aren’t they great films?!!

However, genuinely, although 2009 was not a cracking year, we still maintained our strength in the market place as leading providers of corporate event management, team building and bespoke event providers.
So what did you do on New Year’s Eve? Have you found as the years pass us all by, the raving parties turn into more gentile affairs, until you are very old and decide to turn in with your 7 year olds!!? Very sad.

However, I had the last laugh enjoying a lovely beach walk along Daymer Bay with a clear head!

Even sadder you may well say, was that it was a pleasure to come back to work and get back into a routine. Its been a busy day already with Open Top Buses for Ladies Day at Epsom Racecourse, Buckingham Palace VIP evenings in September, a bespoke Xmas Client Party for December 2010,  Rugby at Cardiff alongside accommodation (very difficult) and finally the icing on the cake was a confirmed booking for really special VIP styling for some corporate clients and their guests in London.

We hope to work with many new companies this year plus all our regulars, who really are very loyal, great fun to work with and the reason why I look forward to coming back after a holiday!

Good health to everyone, I know I have lost a good friend very recently so this is not a half hearted sign off.

All the very best


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