When I was over in America on holiday I came across this company name, Ener-G, and loved it and now back, wanted an excuse to use it! So I can safely say that having landing this morning to the welcome of grey skies and drizzle, with very little sleep, Ener-G is what I am seriously lacking!

However, I am delighted that the team back at Team Tactics have been all busy and them knowing me, produced a list of all the information they knew I was going to ask. How American’ly efficient is that!? Actually I found the customer service and general friendliness in Florida verging on pleasant to …exhausting! There I was strolling along on the bike when every American, whether on another bike, rollerblades (they were mostly geriatric!), wheelchair, with or without dog, called out ‘Hi how are you doing?’ I mean, get out of that day dream Tina and get into gear! There’s no time for quiet solitude here my girl! Actually they were all delightful and thankfully avoided those circuits that had the sign, ‘beware Alligators’!

So what have the team been up to. We have had many bookings of Rugby Six Nations, Cheltenham Festival, Royal Ascot plus the more bespoke events, such as corporate cooking and cab clue trail which are our most popular. Lots of summer multi activity day and staff out of office proposals on the go, plus many one off bespoke, individually produced agendas.

So I looking forward to the week ahead and finally going to the rugby this weekend to meet clients which should be great fun. Hopefully by then, firing on all cylinders!

Kind regards
Tina Benson
Team Tactics

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