Henley Regatta is one of those quintessential British social events on calender that we truly love here at Team Tactics, for a host of reasons, some more important than others!!

I couldn’t tell you much about the rowing and I don’t think many guests could who enjoy a corporate occasion at Henley Regatta. I know many a lady’s eye will enjoy the spectacle of those muscles rowing past them at regular intervals, which, lets be honest is very entertaining in itself!

Actually I was very impressed when I learnt that this year, we will be having piped commentary of the racing and also a hostess (learned in the art of rowing!) who will explain to our guests the day, the rowing, what happens and the subtleties of the day…which is very important to those strapping lads out there who are racing their socks off!!

Okay here’s for the serious bit on Henley Royal Regatta 2010:

The River Lounge at Henley Royal Regatta

Within the River Lounge, we offer a well balanced hospitality facility that is created with a great deal of flair and creativity. Our marquee is not a mass market facility, ours it not about putting as many bums on seats as possible. We provide an stunning area for clients in the chill out lounge, the walk up bar, the jazz corner plus the dining area, with the most amazing floral displays. In addition to the River Lounge we provide a stunning river boat The Lily Anne that you can cruise up and down the course and enjoy a different angle. Do have a look at the gallery on our website, which shows each year the contemporary facility, the boats and the fantastic food.

In terms of the package content, I can honestly put hand on heart and say ours is the best along the river. The catering company we work with have just won the contract for the Royal Household (ie Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle). This event (Henley Regatta) is on their doorstep and it’s a bit of a show case for them. In actual fact we are doing a big press day this year, so that the event industry can see just how different we are.

Food with a difference!
For instance we don’t offer the usual Danish pastries with coffee/tea. Eg:
Cafetiere coffee and selection of teas with the following Breakfast Canapes:

Champagne And Breakfast Canapes
• Creamy chive scrambled eggs with crispy pancetta
• Tartlet with buttered baby spinach, poached quail egg and hollandaise
• Tomato bread croque Monsieurs with smoked ham
• Seeded bread smoked salmon toasties with dill flavoured cream cheese
• Grilled English muffin with herbed chest nut mushrooms
• Mango, raspberry and peach fruit smoothie shots
• Maple drop scones with blueberry compote and creme fraiche

Making my mouth water!

Date The River Lounge @ Henley Royal Regatta 2010
Wednesday 30th June £220
Thursday 1st July £220
Friday 2rd July £220
Saturday 3th July £199
Sunday 4th July £199

Prices are per person and exclude vat.

I am so proud of our facility at Henley Regatta for this year and its SO difficult when somebody is just interested in the best price as they are not comparing like for like.

Come along now, the summer is upon us now, and it’s time for some chill out days, with plenty of fizz and sunshine.
By the way has anyone seen/heard/been to The Henley Rewind? Wow, I am going with Flo (she is my beautiful VW camper van). I think the girls in the office should come along too as a team building event. Hellen would just die without her luxuries of her home than camp! Watch this space….21st August here we come. Girls weekend with Hellen, Elena, Melissa and I in Flo…what could be better?!

Tina Benson
Team Tactics