A couple of weeks ago I had an insight into how the other half shop by running a ‘Revive Your Style Day’ within the private personal shopping rooms at Selfridges, London for a corporate client and their VIP guests. Having had a brief from our client to run a VIP bespoke event for their top London female clients, but no spas please…we created a stunning, memorable experience for all concerned.

VIP Hospitality – with a difference!
The prestigious store allowed us almost total exclusivity to their private rooms, coupled with having one of London’s leading stylists, Gabrielle Teare, choosing outfits and styling our ladies. She is ranked Number One globally for Personal Stylist by Alexia. Whilst we were there, a Prince from overseas popped in for an hour’s shopping so you really are in a different world!

The personal shopping rooms at Selfridges are very luxurious and you do feel special being there with all the staff being extremely helpful and beautifully dressed in designer gear. Needless to say, both Elena and I had chosen our own outfits that day with a little more care than usual! Gabrielle had been joined on the day by former Vogue Catwalk model and professional photographer Candice Lake and upon arrival the scene truly was out of a major fashion show with outfits being placed in order on rails, runners obtaining designer labels in various sizes and shoes and accessories being sorted through to ensure each outfit was within reach quickly.

Client Entertaining in London
Our ladies arrived early afternoon and were served full afternoon tea with champagne before the sessions started, each lady was to receive a manicure, Dior make-up consultation, lingerie fitting for those that wanted it and of course a styling session with either Gabrielle or Candice. Of course, we allowed relaxation time in-between sessions and all the ladies commented how lovely it had been that they had managed to talk to everyone during the afternoon as each one moved about the various rooms.

Within our private rooms at Selfridges, the champagne flowed throughout and ladies were delighted with the pampering they were receiving. Several guests commented that they had learnt helpful hints about their make-up and also been dressed in styles and colours they would not have thought about before. A couple of purchases were made at the end of the day and all said what a fabulous afternoon they had been part of.

I must stress that total discretion and privacy is of the utmost importance and guests are not pressured to take part in anything they are not 100% comfortable with or buy any of the items tried.

Thanks must go to Gabrielle and Candice and the superb personal shopping team at Selfridges whose precision perfect organisation made the event truly memorable.

True Bespoke event management from Team Tactics
If you would be interested in receiving details of our Style Day which can be run at any shopping store where personal shopping rooms are available, then do contact us and we will be happy to run through the details. Why not make 2010 the year you revive your style and possibly find the new you!

Hellen Kelly
Team Tactics
01227 738280