Who wants to fly??

It’s not often I get invited to participate in an event managed by Team Tactics but last week I was invited by one of our oldest clients to join in with the golf day and dinners etc in Portugal. How fantastic is that!!

A Girls Dilemma
However, being a typical girl I was a bit worried as the forecast in Faro Portugal for last Thursday was heavy rain showers! Ugh, I am a fair weathered golfer it must be said! Also I hadn’t played for simply ages so I had the fear factor coursing through my veins on the first tee!!

First of all, let me say how much the clients and I (opps I shouldn’t be saying that!) enjoyed the 3 days. It’s always late evenings at Vila Sol with the clients and it was just fantastic to lower the corporate profile and just enjoy the evening as they did. I have known this client for over 10 years and its a joy to work (work??) with them.

Who wants to fly?
Talking of work, it was a huge amount of effort prior as we had all the problems earlier with the Volcanic Ash so we had to re-schedule for the third time for May (Hellen stepped in by this time). Then last week, the volcanic ash came into force yet again, and it wasn’t until midnight before the event, that it was on. I think by this stage, the client just couldn’t face re-organising again and we sat on our prayer mats in the evening and prayed…okay in front of the TV!

So we were off. However, the fun and games started when just three of us travelled back to Gatwick. Such a boring read..but after about 8 hours of sitting in Faro Airport, did we finally set off. It wasn’t the volcanic ash but some birds that had damaged our engine. Finally back on tera firma that I see all flights this week may be disrupted.

So I am happy to say that although I loved the golf event in Portugal, I would prefer to stick to UK events for the rest of this year. Does anybody agree with me about poor British Airways…there staff are striking because of not enough pay, but shouldn’t they be happy just to be in a job at the moment. If they are not careful they will bring down the whole airlines.

Back in the office this week and we are really busy. We seem to be more busy with out of office staff events, team building ideas and london based evening events. Lots to do, never enough time. Not even enough time to slip in 18 holes tomorrow. Sorry chaps!

PS Forgot to say, I kept my head down, twisted my club over and slowed my swing and bingo, I didn’t embarrass myself.

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