Yesterday we held one of our super new events “Thriller!” for a group of 57 guests at the stunning South Lodge Hotel Horsham. As a surprise to the group, we surreptitiously set-up again time constraints were against us allowing only 40 minutes in the two rooms set aside for the activity.

The Thriller event is exactly what it says on the tin, learning the Michael Jackson Thriller dance and/or the Thriller song. For both options we require one large room so that everyone can then come together for the final performance and one smaller for the singing element.

Our professional dance choreographer and singing coach were prepped up and raring to go when the guests walked in to eerie music and a brief explanation of what they were about to do. I was surprised how many people upon hearing their fate were totally up for the challenge immediately and couldn’t wait to get started on the dancing!

We had some extremely flexible people who seemed to really apply themselves to becoming a zombie at the start and end of the dance. Tiger noises were also made at one point and the thrusting element was a sight for sore eyes! It always makes me smile to see that 9 times out of 10 the men in the group are the most extrovert at something like this and seem to run a personal competition with their colleagues to do the best moves!!! Well they succeeded, as the groups were excellent and picked up the dancing really quickly although of course, credit does go to Charlotte who is a super teacher!

The singing element although a little more tame, really does bring people out of their comfort zone and a lot of attendees were amazed at how, with a little professional help, they could achieve a lot more sound and for longer without taking breaths! (As a professional talker I never have that problem!) Moves are also important for the singers although these are kept to a minimum but the groups were allowed to invent their own actions to various parts of the song! We had some very imaginative people I can tell you! James the coach really brings the groups along and adds a fun element to it so that by the end of the session they are confident to stand up and perform.

Once the groups have each had a turn at the song and dance of Thriller, they then use our costume props to dress up as the Zombies. We can offer full costumes not hired but this makes for extremely realistic items for a small additional cost but the costume props allow everyone to have one piece of clothing to ensure they feel in the zone. The make-up of course is the piece de resistance to the activity with “zombie-fying” shown by our professional make-up artist and then guests do each other’s faces with help from Amy of course.

The performance went well, it was a triumph with both teams coming together at the end of the singing to perform the dance as one group. I cannot tell you how much laughing, and real genuine excitement there was as people especially the men were in small groups rehearsing the moves before the finale. To see 57 people dressed up, mostly in time with the movements and really enjoying themselves is absolutely what it is all about! I was jigging so much I am sure Tina will be moaning at how my video is a blurry but there’s always the next one so not to worry! As the client was then following on with a gala dinner and disco I will bet my bottom dollar that Thriller was a definite floor filler that night!!

Thanks to the team at South Lodge Hotel, Lisa/Liz/Charlotte and James for helping me co-ordinate the Thriller and of course the attendees for once again, giving me a thoroughly enjoyable event.

If you haven’t thought about the activity PLEASE do have a look at it as I am certain it will be a hit with your team and will Thriller certainly be the choice of song at any future parties so they can strut their newly acquired dance moves!

Hellen Kelly