Good Bye Elena!

Well we had a somewhat unusual send off for one of our staff here at Team Tactics. As soon as Elena sends over the gem of a video I shall load it on!! All I can say is, Hellen you were a sport!!

I personally will miss Elena in the office as we all will. She was a bubbly personality and am sure the number of hits via the website may well diminish. That’s a thought, I may keep her picture up on our about  us page just for a while!! Elena worked on sales though I think in her heart, she much preferred being customer facing.

Elena has been replaced by Melissa, who has now been here several months and we already feel is part of the furniture. We have already created a little board with our Hot List of Prospective Events between the two desks, so we can have some fun rivalry.

So what’s happening? Lots actually, ranging from House of Commons Evening, Private Tea at The Ritz followed by a viewing of Buckingham Palace, Thriller (you wouldn’t imagine a Team Building event being so much fun), Thames Power Blast. Henley Regatta and The River Lounge has had a very good response this year and interestingly Saturday was the day sold out first. This is a surprise as Friday is always one to go first. Thank you to all our clients and I really do hope you get the finest day at Henley Regatta that we have promised you. I will see you all there. This year we are doing a special PR day for our industry as it’s about time we shouted from the hills what we are good at doing and got some good coverage from it. Also we are hoping to partner up with a select event firms who have a loyal client bank and hopefully they too, will see our super duper facility and want to market The River Lounge next year.

Anyway I know you are with the Irish this week Elena but get your fingers working and email that video over. It will give us all a laugh! Happy days…..oh yes….just been on my first camping trip in a 1970 VW camper exciting is that!

Tina Benson
Team Tactics
01227 738280

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Hi Team Tactics

Missing you all! Hope you are all very busy and not missing me too much! Oh yes the long awaited video, I keep forgetting, I promise you will have it soon (sorry H).

Take care


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