Team Tactics tenders for hospitality business

Yesterday was a very interesting day. I was presenting to a multi national insurance company who are looking for one supplier for their tickets, hospitality and bespoke event management. Luckily I was delighted to say, that Annika came up trumps and created some whizzy slides to use in my power point presentation, as, if left to me, they would have been lifeless and clumsy. So thank you Annikia.

We didn’t know who we were up against but it was definitely two other event management companies who are now left along with ourselves. I did spy two very tall guys leaving before me who I didn’t recognise but there are so many event management companies out there, I wouldn’t know everybody.

So how did it go? Em…very difficult to say, but I wanted to be up front and honest and hope I conveyed that. Gosh, I have been doing event management and client hospitality for so long, it’s courses through my veins!!

I met with three very nice ladies who instantly made me feel at ease. A funny moment was when I was sitting in reception but continually coughing. A lovely receptionist kept coming over to me asking if I wanted water. Then after so many declines, she thrust a sweetie which I couldn’t say no to. As I was merrily sucking away, one of the procurement ladies came to collect me and literally had to swallow a massive sweetie down in one!! That will teach you Tina!! Stick to water!!

I also had to eat humble pie as they never asked us for our financial accounts, and strange as it may seem, I would say we are in a financially strong postion and this could be to our advantage. I did bring this up and one of the ladies gently told me that if we weren’t in a healthy state, we wouldn’t have got this far in the proceedings. Quite right!! and sorry!

I will keep you posted on this for anyone reading our blogs (hi Sebastian for one!)
Our very best wishes

Tina Benson
Team Tactics
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Hi Tina

Feel honoured to be part of your blog. A good read as usual! keep it coming!

Best wishes


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